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Meet our Students

Why Families Choose Ferguson Tutoring

“I met my friends for a breakfast before school started. The Sept ACT test was only one week away, so the conversation was dominated about our anticipation of our juniors taking the test. I left breakfast in a panic; my friends were frantic, why wasn’t I?  What was everyone using for timers?  Did our kids have specific number goals?  

I called Suzanne filled with worry and stress. Minutes into our conversation I was reminded why we selected Suzy as our tutor. My daughter was not stressed. We had discovered what specifically she needed to focus on during the summer, and she felt prepared, confident, and calm!  The test no longer felt so daunting for her. And after discussing how well our sessions went, the ACT was not daunting for me either!!!!”

— Eleni Glerum, Edina High School parent, class of 2019

What is the Campaign for Confidence?

Poor academic performance and low confidence feed into each other as part of a cycle that hurts our students. The #CampaignforConfidence introduces an approach that emphasizes academic instruction and self-confidence equally, so that students can perform at their best.

Teachers and parents: do you want to learn more about the Whole Student Approach, why it works, and how your kid(s) can benefit? Contact us for information about our FREE ACT Program Info Sessions.

A Message from Suzy …

Parents and Students of the Twin Cities,

I’m Suzy Ferguson and for 20 years I’ve been sharing my love of learning with students of all abilities. In that time, I’ve discovered that most students don’t lack academic talent – they lack academic confidence.

It’s not their fault. That’s what happens when there is a break between teaching and learning styles. Students lose a step and start to think that their regression is because they’re lacking. The doubt builds and cripples future learning further.

That’s why we’re launching the #CampaignforConfidence!

Students, parents, teachers, and tutors need to be aware of the astounding impact that confidence can have on a teenager’s academic performance and overall wellbeing.

In the classroom, this comes from an individualized approach to teaching that targets a student’s strengths. Students learn best when they use the skills and methods that make the most sense to them. Forcing a student to learn the way that other students like to learn – or worse yet, the way you like to learn – doesn’t work.

It’s confusing and stressful. Even worse, it discourages them from leveraging their strengths, which is where all their academic power is.

We’ll be releasing lots of content focused on leveraging strengths and building confidence. You don’t even have to sign up for tutoring! Get it all for free on our website and on social media (follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram).

Furthermore, in the spirit of the #CampaignforConfidence, we ran a free essay contest for college bound high school students.

We awarded the winners with thousands of dollars’ worth of free tutoring, and will be publishing our favorites on our website. Click here to go directly to the essay contest page to see the winners.

And don’t despair. While the contest for this year has ended, we had so much fun doing it we’re thinking about running another one next year. Keep checking back for more updates!

Meet our students …

Meet Isaac

Isaac Is Confident!

Find out how Isaac made a 12-point gain in the Reading section! Check out his ACT prep story of comfort and confidence that led him to a 36 Science and 35 Superscore.

Meet Raphy

Raphy is Confident!

“I think that confidence plays a role on the ACT and in academics. When you can think to yourself, ‘I’ve got this,’ then you do way better.”

Meet Maggie

Maggie is Confident!

“I also had experienced certain testing situations during tutoring, so I knew what was happening and knew how to handle it. Being able to get through spots like that made me much more confident.”

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Essay Contest


But, you can still check out the contest page, see our winners, and soon you can read their essays.

Half of all college-bound students worry about the essay, calling it the hardest part of the entire application process. Our FREE essay contest gave students the opportunity to wash away the nerves with practice and personalized, professional feedback.

Even better, we gave away thousands of dollars in prizes!

To read the rules, check out the prompts, and soon read the winning essays, head on over to the contest page.

Video of the Week

Isaac Martin, class of 2018, gives a shot of confidence and hope to rising juniors. Submit your videos of support and confidence! Send us the link or tweet @FergusonTutor with the hashtag #CampaignforConfidence.

Check out all the confidence videos our students and students across the Twin Cities have submitted on our YouTube channel!

Suzanne Ferguson, Founder and Lead Tutor

Confidence at your School

Suzanne Ferguson has been teaching, tutoring, and mentoring students in the Twin Cities for almost 20 years. In 2015 she brought her charismatic personality and vast experience to the stage to speak to 85 parents and students at Chanhassen High School. Ever since, she has been speaking to families about the importance of balanced academic preparation including skills, knowledge, and introspection.