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Meet Isaac

Isaac Martin is an inbound senior at Eden Prairie High School. He has always been an excellent student, scoring high marks across the board. The only thing that ever really gave him trouble was the ACT. More about that in a moment.

Right now, we want to talk about Isaac. He’s a good kid, the kind of teenager you wouldn’t mind your own teens hanging out with. He’s comfortable talking to adults and is good at explaining what he’s thinking.

He’s a bit of an old soul. For ten years he’s been playing his grandfather’s very old vintage guitar. If he doesn’t feel like playing the music himself, it’s Frank Sinatra and Nat King Cole that pour through his speakers.

What we love most about Isaac, though, is that he’s a scholar. He’s not just good at learning, he truly loves it.

At school, Isaac is very active. Currently, he’s a member of the Math Team, French Club, and Amnesty Club. He also participates in the STEM Club and Physics Club, where he holds leadership positions.

When he’s at home, he continues learning. Carl Sagan and Richard Feynman are his intellectual heroes. He enjoys reading their books when he’s not watching MIT lectures online.

As you might expect, Isaac is an intellectual who wants to go to the best college he can. He knew he had the academic chops, but the time constraints of the ACT challenged his slow and steady approach. He wasn’t getting the scores he really needed. The biggest obstacle was the Reading section.

Here’s how it worked out for him:

“We went over strategies for writing in the margins, fully interpreting graphs/data tables quickly. She gave me tips like that and, after a few practice runs, I was able to take any science or reading section far more quickly. Even in my last test, I struggled with some, but was able to get through on time because of the strategies Suzy gave me.”

His Scores: What Confidence did for Isaac

Composite (Superscore)





Isaac Began tutoring in Jan 2017.

Between Jan 2017 and the Feb 2017 exam he had 5 hours of tutoring and spent many more hours on homework and practice exams. After his last tutoring session, Suzy sent him with a prep plan that would allow him to continue to prep without tutoring if he chose to take the exam again after Feb.

He took the exam in Feb 2017 and earned a composite score of 30.

He texted with Suzy to review his prep plan and be sure he was on track. After more homework, Isaac took the ACT again in Apr 2017 and earned a composite score of 33. Once again, a text with Suzy to review the prep plan she had put in place back in Feb, more homework, and he took the ACT in Jun 2017 when he earned a composite score of 34 and a final superscore of 35.

Isaac’s Message to Juniors

Check out Isaac’s message of hope and confidence to rising juniors and then send us your video messages for your fellow students! Email a link to us or tweet your video to @FergusonTutor with the hashtag #CampaignforConfidence. Help us to spread confidence to student everywhere!

Lehrer hilft Schüler im Unterricht in der Schule

Isaac’s ACT Prep

Check out the Ferguson Tutoring ACT Program that Isaac went through. With options like small group classes, 1-day intensives, and individual tutoring, Ferguson Tutoring can create a prep plan that best meets your needs and is guaranteed to increase your confidence and your score.